Google Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is Google’s latest Nexus flagship phone. Made by LG, this phone has a lot to live up to and definitely a lot to compete with. In a world populated by a variety of different smart phones with varying price and capability. But what does the Nexus 4 have to offer that other android phones cannot?

Nexus 4 reviewAndroid Version?

The Nexus line is synonymous with the idea of a Vanilla release of Android. This means that no extra skins or user interfaces like the Sense UI of HTC, or Touch Wiz of Motorola are added. This means you get a pure, untempered Android experience. On top of that, because it is Google’s flagship phone, this means that any future updates to Android, comes to this phone first and foremost.

With a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM, this phone is definitely one of the faster Android phones out there at this point. Multitasking is fast and efficient, there is also barely any lag. With a gorgeous 4.7 inch HD display, it is definitely smaller than the S4, but is still big enough to enjoy movies, pictures and surfing the web.

On top of that, this phone is definitely one of the most gorgeous phones currently out on the market. Its sleek curvacious unibody exterior while sporting a flat glass back similar to the iPhone 4 gives the phone a very premium look and feel. It sports a very nice shimmering pattern at the back, lined with scratch resistant glass.


Though this phone is gorgeous, it does have a few drawbacks. When you purchase the phone, you are locked to either 8 or 16GB’s of storage. This is a massive step back considering other smart phones sport expandable memory slots, on top of that other phones have removable back covers which allow you to replace the battery. Unfortunately it seems like the trend for smartphones is the unibody design. It seems like Google is definitely trying to push the market towards its own cloud services as well as expensive storage upgrades!

Though the phone has its faults, its attractive price will definitely attract a wide demographic of people.  On top of that, it has a massive gorgeous HD display, while sporting a snappy Snapdragon processor which is sure to age well. Though this phone is not going to revolutionize the Android world, it could definitely save LG from total failure.

At $299, this phone will definitely draw in a variety of different users. As more and more of the world moves to Smartphones, a competitively priced phone could be enough for the remainder to jump ship. At a perfect size, this phone will definitely appeal to older and younger generations, but still allow itself to slide comfortably into the pocket. The best part is this phone definitely has a very attractive premium exterior which is a plus considering this phone is so competitively priced!