HTC TyTN II- User Review

HTC TyTNHTC TyTN II was an interesting phone for me. I ordered it for 76$ from eBay. The phone arrived a week later or so. I can’t remember why it took so much time.

The main thing of the phone that attracted me is the keyboard and it’s quite good for typing on the move. I have written several articles on this blog and still I have this phone.

One problem you might face is this is a heavy phone. There are lot’s of updated windows mobile now in the market but in sense of price this was a super saving for me.

Somehow I broke the battery cover and ordered another battery cover and one extra battery from eBay for only 10$. I am glad that some of the Chinese sellers still have the accessories for this old model.

Interesting thing is that I have tried to install android on this phone and I succeeded with Froyo. Though several services like camera and apps were stopping continuously and I uninstalled the Froyo.

TyTN II is good for those people who writes a lot on the move. If you want to read the full phone specification it is here.



02. HTC Tilt (TYTN II)