Samsung galaxy S4 – Detailed Review

Samsung Galaxy S4It’s just a month ago that Samsung has launched its most hotly awaited flagship device Galaxy S4 and with a superabundance of top end features, it’s the most desirable and powerful device Samsung has ever created. The phone is equipped with some innovative features along with few amazing and cool add-ons. This successor of Galaxy S III will impress you in every aspect, be it hardware or software. Each and every feature of the phone has been designed in a way to make your life simpler and easier. So, let’s have a look on Samsung Galaxy S IV review and have a closer look on its features and other specifications.

Design & Display

Despite being the high-end feature handset, Samsung continued its plastic body trend with the Galaxy S4. Though, the rounded design is prominently similar to Galaxy S III, but this new phone is quite lighter than its predecessor, in spite of having larger screen. Available in black or white color models, the Galaxy S4’s plastic shell feels dense, but looks somewhat cheap when compared with metal body of the iPhone 5 and the HTC One. Both the models have an elusive dotted pattern on the back, regardless of the smooth finish. But, unlike iPhone 5 and HTC One, Galaxy S4 has a removable back panel for battery replacement. Galaxy S4 also has a microSD slot that can store up to 64GB of additional data, which is poorly lacking in Apple’s or HTC’s flagships phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 5inch full HD Super AMOLED screen that looks utterly beautiful with bright, vivid and sharp images. No doubt, the display of Galaxy S4 is quite better when compared with 4.8in screen of Galaxy S3.

Operating System and multitasking

The Galaxy S4 runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system followed by Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI. The phone has a physical three touch sensitive buttons for call answering, home and back on the bottom of the screen, which mostly other Android smart phones has on screen.

The Galaxy S4’s big screen is idle for Multi Window Mode, which is part of its Touch Wiz interface. Long-pressing the back button will open a sidebar providing a list of Multi Window compatible apps including Chrome, Email, Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter. You can select the apps that you want to use and priority wise place them on the screen, allowing them to run simultaneously.

Air View & Air gestures

This feature was first featured on Samsung Galaxy Note II. But the difference is that, Note II requires the S Pen to utilize this feature, whereas, S4 can perform this function just by hovering a finger. This feature allows you to view the contents of apps and files in preview mode without the need of opening each folder individually. Air Gesture technology makes it so easy and simple to perform a variety of functions without even touching the screen.

Smart Scroll and Smart Pause

Smart Scrolling and Smart Pause are two cool, new features on the Galaxy S4 which utilize eye tracking to scroll through content or pause and play videos. Just enable the smart pause feature and you will notice that the video getting paused when you look away and resumed when you look back on the screen.

Smart Scrolling allows you to scroll through emails and websites either by tilting your head up or down or the device, it depends on settings that you choose.

Life care and Life Task

Since health is the first and foremost concern of every human being, Samsung Galaxy S4 helps you achieve your fitness goals by monitoring your fitness levels throughout the day. Moreover, when you connect Galaxy S4 to your home Television system, it will recommend you TV programs, according to your preferences.


With the speakers mounted on the back, the phone doesn’t successfully satisfy the need of personal stereo as compared to the HTC One, which has front-facing speakers offering rich sound. However, the sound quality and volume is satisfying.


Galaxy S4 comes with 13MP rear facing camera with LED flash and a basic 2-MP front facing camera. The most impressive thing about its cameras is the dual Shot option, that is, you can capture images with both cameras together. It also has Sound & Shot option that lets you click pictures from both cameras simultaneously, allowing the photographer to be in the frame too and capture sound that will help you to revive the photo. It also offers burst photo options with Drama shot capabilities. It allows you to erase unnecessary elements from the pictures. The camera also records clear videos in full HD 1080pixels allowing you to record two videos at the same time. Apart from all these, the camera comes with smart features like Geo-tagging,  image recording, face and smile detection, touch focus, HDR and image stabilization.


The Galaxy S4 takes connectivity point to a whole new level with ChatON’ that allows you to share your screen with family or friends for a more intimate chatting experience. The device also supports various internet connectivity options like 3G and Wi-Fi, GPRS/EDGE, etc. Apart from these, there are other connectivity options like Bluetooth, microUSB and NFC through which you can share your files and folders with other devices.

Memory & Battery

Now, you can store a variety of games and applications without any storage problem, as this gadget comes with 16 GB of internal memory which can further be extended up to 64 GB via a microSD card. This handset is equipped with 2600mAh Li-ion battery, which relieves you from battery woes.

Samsung galaxy S IV price and availability

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best Android smart phones that Samsung Mobile has come up with. It’s lighter, sleeker device with a perfect combination of smart and unique features, 8 core processors, long-lasting battery, high-resolution camera and huge storage capacity. If we talk about Samsung galaxy S IV price, then the market price of S4 is somewhere around Rs.41, 000. But, you can buy it online at Rs. 40,299, after 2% discount from It’s one of the best shopping site sites that offer fair deals and quality products within reasonable price, offering various discounts and other benefits.