Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled in New York mid March 2013. As Samsung’s newest flagship phone, it carries the companies hopes and dreams on its shoulders. Upon release there will be no doubt that it will be heavily compared to its highly successful predecessor, the Galaxy S3 and most likely it will be heavily compared to whatever Apple has to throw at it in the future!

Samsung Galaxy S4When the Galaxy S3 came out, it became the most popular phone of 2012, even beating the iPhone 5. Though the phone had a premium price tag, it came with features that iPhone users could only dream of. It sported a massive display, upgradeable memory and a lot more. Though the iPhone is good, more advanced users found a lot more bang for their buck with the S3.


The Samsung S4 now touts a 5 inch display, while still keeping the same dimensions as the previous S3 model of the phone. They manage to do this by decreasing the amount the bezel takes up. It now sports a full HD AMOLED display, which should help render crisp pictures and text for a much more high quality experience!

It seems as the smart-phones improve, so do their cameras. With a 13 mega pixel rear facing camera and amazing low light capability, it seems the point and shoot can be left at home for general trips. Sporting a nimble 1.9GHZ quad core processor or a 1.6 GHZ octa-core, it seems more and more like a computer than a phone. Sporting the new flavour of Jelly Bean (4.2.2), Apple will definitely need to release something ground breaking in order to beat this feature line up.

On top of hardware upgrades, Samsung is trying to encourage the idea of gesture based controls. They aim to have the user touch the phone less and focus on the “important stuff”. Some of these controls include automatic scrolling as it tracks your eye movement, video pausing when you look away and even air swiping. Though this seems like a novelty, we can only see how this will be accepted by its users.

Another interesting feature is the ability to use your phone as an Infrared blaster. What this does is basically allow your phone to turn into a universal remote for your television or sound system. Like the aforementioned gesture control, this is something we will have to watch as it pans out. Who knows what some ingenious software developer can do with such a feature?

In conclusion the Samsung Galaxy S4 carries a lot of expectations on its shoulders. On top of being Samsung’s flagship phone, it carriers the companies chance to beat Apple in the Smartphone war. Sporting a faster processor, more ram, a flash camera, a bigger and badder screen and on top of that a much slimmer and lighter design. Samsung has really created a phone that could bring Samsung as the alpha dog of Smartphones. It will first release on the 26th of April 2013 so it’s not too much longer to wait for this new and exciting upcoming smartphone!