Securing and Locating you Lost Android

I already use the find and locate option of Avast Mobile Security. It helps me to find, locate, ring erase and lock my android device remotely. The anti theft software is just awesome to be installed. But this is a third party software as you know. This was a long due development for the core Google Android.

Hopefully the wait for this is going to be ended. Starting from next month Google will provide a native service from their Play Store that will help you do all these things.

What you can expect is- finding your lost phone in your home or any other place. You can locate it in the Google map and then ring it, if it’s close to you. No matter it has been silent or vibrate mode- it will ring in the full volume.

And if there is a possibility that you can’t recover the phone then you can lock and erase the phone data through remote command. That’s cool when you have some important data on your device like the G-Mail, facebook or Google Drive. Don’t worry they will only be erased from the phone not from your Google account.

Another native security enhancement will be the third party app checking. If you are installing an unknown app that is not from google play then when installing it Google will ask you to scan it. This will obviously increase the security of your device.