Which Would You Choose?

[ This is a guest post by:  Rob Rudd. Rob Rudd is a gadget man who enjoysd catching up with the latest technology. He is seriously considering a “manbag” to help him carry his tablet, eBook and smartphone around. ]

A couple of months ago, the American technology press was full of the top ten Smartphones. Surprisingly the Apple iPhone 5 was just pipped to top spot by the HTC One X. Two of Samsung’s Galaxies featured in the list. Let’s just give you the details of the top 7 and you can make up your own minds!

HTC One x – rating 4.5 out of 5

Slim and beautifully formed, this mobile has some super fast technology too. Fast web access and ultra clear display with a camera capable of continuous shooting. It can also take photos while you’re shooting video.

It has amazing sound quality too. Its 4.7 inch screen is Gorilla glass and is sturdy and scratch resistant. Want one already?

Apple iPhone 5 – rating 4.5 out of 5

iPhone upgrades don’t reinvent the wheel. Since the first iPhone they have remained recognisable and lead the way. While they may not be breaking design barriers now, the iPhone 5 is much thinner than its previous ancestor. This is due to thinner glass and the removal of a layer of touch sensors. But it is about 9mm taller! It even weighs less coming in 112gms.

While the white version looks very similar to the previous model, the black one is completely new. A black metal back, black glass screen, slate grey metal sides and black buttons. It’s a design dream.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sprint – rating 4 out of 5

Just like iPhone 5, this mobile is thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Unlike the iPhone and the HTC One x both made of aluminium, it is made of plastic albeit good quality.

It has plenty of features to make up for it though including Air Preview and Air Gesture which don’t need you to touch the screen. The camera has a ‘drummer’ mode which takes several shots one after the other and ‘stitches them together to make one’.

Samsung Galaxy Note II – rating 4.5 out of 5

This beauty is somewhat bigger than the other phones and comes with a stylus. Is it really trying to be a tablet? It’s got a good pixel resolution and is fast; reviewers say jotting things down on the screen with the stylus is fun.

The camera is OK but nothing to write home about. It does allow you to take panoramic and burst shots though.

Motorola DROID RAZR i – rating 4.5 out of 5

This one boasts a large screen, a fast processor and a fast camera – 10 shots in a second – and a long battery life.

HTC Droid DNA – rating 4 out 5

It’s bigger than its cousin the HTC One x boasting a 5 inch screen, has a quad core processor and great pixel resolution. Its screen is one of the best but isn’t matched by its battery life. Good photo quality.

This run down might help you choose. When you’ve sorted out your contract you won’t want anything to happen to your new pride and joy so make sure that you have good phone or iPhone insurance cover.