Smartwatches for kids: VTechKidizoom vs Leapfrog LeapBand

The children’s tablets were in demand last year. They had to choose between Leapfrog’s LeapPad and VTech’sInnotab. This year the wearable gadgets are in fashion. The children have to choose from VTechKidizoom and Leapfrog LeapBand. Let’s see who wins the battle.


These two smartwatches have totally different functions. The vTechKidizoom has a lot of fun filled functions. It has a funny voice recorder which keeps your children entertained for hours. Its camera can capture pictures and videos. The three games included in the watch are not that much fun to play with. Children are happy to experiment with the voice recorder and the camera. Children can choose from fifty different analogue and digital cool watch faces. It has 1.41 inch screen and 0.3 megapixel camera. It also features stop watch and timer. Children of all ages are interested in this fun smartwatch. It can be bought for £40. Its design is quite simple with extremely comfortable and safe buckle. The colorful screen makes it much easier to use for the children. They can choose and change different settings according to their taste. You can charge the battery using Micro USB cable. It is available in white, pink and blue colors.

Leapfrog Leapband:

This Leapband smartwatch helps the kids to stay healthy and fit. It encourages the children to eat healthy food and keep healthy eating habits. It also involves them in active play. A tracker helps the children to keep a record of their progress of walking, dancing, jumping, running etc. It also rewards the children on their good progress. The reward is given by giving gifts for the virtual pets of the children. There are many different pets to choose from like cat, dog, dragon, monkey, panda, penguin, robot and unicorn. The children can choose from 10 different games. They can also unlock 40 new games by playing and getting rewarded for the pre-loaded games. The children have to fulfill different challenges given by different games and then even rewarded if they are able to fulfil those challenges. The games also teaches children about different nutrition facts. The smartwatch comes in four different attractive colors which are green, orange, blue and pink. The kids love the cool looking colored screen. It is waterproof to some extent and not only that but it also comes with a shatter-proof glass. It can be purchased for £30 only. Some websites are also selling it for just £22.

As the both smartwatches have different features it depends on the parents to decide that which smartwatch would best fit for their children. VTech allows the kids to take pictures and videos whereas LeapBand engages the children in healthy activities.


However if you think smartwatches are not for your kids, we would like to give you an alternative, If you’re looking for other mobile accessories, we’d recommend you check out this extensive guide to them.

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